FA back flood appeal


The FA support The DEC’s Pakistan Flood Appeal

THE Football Association is lending its support to the Disaster Emergency Committee’s (DEC) Pakistan Flood Appeal.

Large parts of the country were devastated by the monsoon rains in July and August, with over 20 million people affected by the resulting floods.

As floodwaters begin to subside, the trail of destruction left behind is now becoming apparent, with countless people left dead, injured, sick and displaced.

The DEC has appealed for donations to assist those in need and one person who is championing the cause is English-born defender Zesh Rehman.

The Bradford City defender is known for his charity work in England and now the former Greenshirts international is looking to make an impact further afield. 

“Entire communities have been uprooted from their submerged towns and villages,” he says. “Some have sought shelter with relatives, but most have nowhere to go.

“There are fears that flood survivors with little food or clean water are falling prey to water-borne diseases from contaminated floodwaters,” he continues.

“Children, expectant mothers and the elderly are especially at risk.

“Humanitarian aid is urgently needed to help prevent more deaths from these catastrophic floods.”

The money raised will help fund the life saving work in Pakistan of the DEC’s Members, which are the lead UK aid agencies, and their partners.

To donate to the Appeal, visit the official website of the Disaster Emergency Committee http://www.dec.org.uk/item/200

Zesh Rehman has recently set up his own charity foundation. For further information, visit http://www.zeshrehmanfoundation.org/


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