Birmingham man convicted in dog fighting case


BBC Panorama undercover footage used as part of investigation

A BIRMINGHAM man has been convicted as part of a huge RSPCA investigation into dog fighting rings.

Mohammed Nasir Farooq was found guilty of attending a dog-fight in Lincolnshire in May 2007 in which the homeowner, Claire Parker, allowed the fights to take place in a home-made pit in her garage.

Parker, Farooq, and a youth aged under-18, were also convicted of possessing a pit bull terrier type dog by district judge Richard  Blake at the end of the week-long trial at Lincoln Magistrates Court.

Farooq and the youth were also convicted of causing unnecessary suffering. Four other men also pleaded guilty to attending the fight. They will all be sentenced at Lincoln Magistrates Court on Friday 25 September.

The group was caught as part of two major investigations into dog fighting by the RSPCA’s special operations unit. Separate footage obtained by an undercover reporter working on a BBC Panorama investigation into organised dog fighting also provided the RSPCA with vital video evidence.

Chief inspector Ian Briggs, of the RSPCA’s special operations unit, said: “A search warrant was executed in eight counties across the UK and involved joint RSPCA and police teams. The operation unearthed 35 fighting dogs of which over half had sustained fighting injuries. Dog fighting paraphernalia was also found, including treadmills and breaking sticks.

“As a result 10 people have now been convicted. The RSPCA feels much of the credit for this success is due to the determination and bravery of the late Stephen Ibinson, the reporter who carried out the BBC investigation.

“Dog fighting is a barbaric and cruel so-called sport which belongs in the dark ages and horrific suffering is caused to the dogs involved. Those that continue to pursue this activity should understand that the RSPCA and the police will continue to bring those responsible before the courts.”


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