Pakistan police official welcomes UK’s fight against honour crime


Senior Superintendent Gulfraz Khan “impressed” with UK approach

A PAKISTANI police official believes the UK is ahead of other countries in fighting honour-based crime.

Senior Superintendent Gulfraz Khan said he was “impressed” with the UK’s approach in fighting honour crimes.

Superintendent Gulfraz Khan and Superintendent Ashfaq Anwar were invited to Britain by the by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office.

They visited West Yorkshire Police, West Midlands Police and Cleveland Police to see at first hand the UK police service’s approach to tackling honour-based violence.

The UK is one of the countries taking the lead in the fight against honour-based violence.

In November 2008 the Association of Chief Police Officers launched the first police service strategy for honour-based violence across England, Wales and Northern Ireland, setting out a commitment to ensure the safety of victims and potential victims and bring perpetrators to justice.

Senior Superintendent Gulfraz Khan said: “It was good to see at first hand the excellent work that is being carried out by the police here – we need to work in partnership and target grass roots, rather than fire fighting.

“I was impressed with what the British police and Government are doing in relation to honour-based violence and forced marriages – I don’t believe that there is another country in the world doing as much for our community.”

Steve Allen, Commander in the Metropolitan Police Service said the number of British men and women reporting forced marriages and honour-based crimes stood at around 500.

He admitted they were unsure “how many commit suicide as an alternative or an escape.”

“The police response to honour-based violence is focussed on saving life, protecting those at risk of harm and bringing perpetrators to account,” he said.

“We are actively encouraging other countries to engage with us on how we can all unite in the fight against honour-based violence and a visit by officers from the Pakistani police force is a step to help us achieve this.”



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