Birmingham men sentenced for terror offences


Group jailed for assisting terrorists

FOUR men from Birmingham have been given sentences of up to three years after pleading guilty to terrorism offences at the Old Bailey.
They were arrested last October following a lengthy investigation by the West Midlands Counter Terrorism Unit, which centred around the supply of equipment and funds for terrorist purposes overseas.

Three of the men, Mohammed Nadim, 29 from Bordesley Green, Shabir Mohammed, 30 from Sparkhill and Shahid Ali, 34 from Ward End, were charged with supplying equipment to terrorists abroad.

Nadim was sentenced to three years while Shabir and Ali received two years and three months.

A fourth man, 32-year-old Abdul Ishaq Raheem from Hodge Hill, was charged with failing to disclose information relating to an act of terrorism. He was sentenced to 12 months in prison.

The four were members of a terror cell run by Parviz Khan who was jailed for life last year for plotting to kidnap and behead a soldier.

The court was told the men sent equipment worth an estimated £20,000 to terrorists abroad.

The senior officer who led the investigation, acting chief inspector Dave Cook, said: “The arrests came after a long and painstaking investigation. The diligence of the officers involved, and the thoroughness of the CPS, meant that there was a weight of evidence against the men.

“As a result, we are pleased that they decided to plead guilty and have been sentenced accordingly.”


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