Brum GP in clear over illegal abortion

A BIRMINGHAM GP and her daughter are in the clear after the West Midlands Crown Prosecution Service said there was insufficient evidence to convict the pair over an illegal abortion.

Dr Saroj Adlakha and her daughter Shilpa Abrol who were both charged with conspiracy to commit child destruction abroad after a n undercover investigation by a leading national newspaper revealed Dr Adlakha had arranged for her teenage daughter, Ms Abrol, to have an abortion in Spain when her pregnancy was too far advanced for an abortion to be carried out at a clinic in the UK.

n December 2005, both Dr Adlakha and Ms Abrol were jointly charged with one offence of conspiracy to commit child destruction abroad.

But the West Midlands Crown Prosecution Service were forced to end proceedings against the pair due to insufficient evidence, they revealed.

A statement released by the CPS said: “Following new information, a CPS senior lawyer in conjunction with Counsel and the police carried out a careful review and submitted the file to the Attorney General to review her original consent. 

“In the light of the new evidence that was presented to her, Baroness Scotland withdrew her consent to the prosecution.

“In 2004, undercover reporters from a national newspaper conducted a series of investigations on a Spanish clinic and Dr Adlakha, following concerns about allegedly late abortions being carried out there.

“All efforts by the prosecution to establish the authenticity of records of the alleged late abortions through official channels with the Spanish authorities, and police enquiries elsewhere, were unsuccessful and led to the termination of this case.”


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