Mido: Racist chants will spur me on


Egyptian striker targeted by opposition fans

MIDDLESBOROUGH striker Mido has insisted racist chants he suffered during Sunday’s home match against Newcastle United will only spur him on.

The Egypt-born Muslim striker was forced to endure chants of ‘Mido he’s got a bomb you know’ from a section of the away fans as the two teams battled a 2-2 draw at the Riverside.

The 24-year-old, who moved to Boro in a £6.8m deal from Tottenham Hotspurs, scored his team’s equaliser in the 28th minute and was booked by referee Mike Dean after placing his finger on his lips and gesturing to his abusers.

Mido said his caution for the action was “ridiculous” but added such abuse will only spur him on to do better for his new team.

“I’m used to it from opposition fans,” said the 24-year-old.“I heard it, it was very clear and I understood what it was they were saying.”

He described his booking as “ridiculous”, adding, “I was frustrated when that happened because I don’t think I deserved a booking. I just don’t understand the reason. I was told it was for ‘security reasons’, but I don’t see how that’s possible.

“I just don’t see what I did which would affect the security of the fans – I just put my finger to my mouth to say ‘quiet’. But that’s football I suppose and you just have to get on with it.”

“It made me want to score more goals. I was delighted to have scored once and I wanted another.”

Boro manager Gareth Southgate also criticised the yellow card handed down to his striker.

“I find it strange that 3,000 people can abuse one person and nothing is done. On the other hand, when the boot is on the other foot, it gets him into trouble. In terms of civil liberties I find that strange,” said Southgate. “We had to calm Mido down at the end of the first half.”

The FA have confirmed they will be looking into the incident.

The unsavoury incident is not the first time Mido has been subjected to anti-Islamic abuse. He was on the receiving end of Islamophobic abuse in 2005 during a match between his former team Tottenham and Southampton.


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