No title shot for Khan


Warren dents Khan’s 2007 title hopes

BOXING PROMOTER Frank warren has ended any hopes Bolton boxer Amir Khan had of competiting for a title shot this year after saying the time wasn’t right for the young boxer.

Khan has never made secret of the fact that he wants to challenge for a title shot this year and he had good cause after a 45 second demolition of Mohammed Medjadi at Wembley Arena.

The victory gave Khan his 11th consecutive win as a professional.

But promoter Frank Warren was quick to dispel any reports the win would lead to a title shot bout later this year.

“Amir’s not going to fight for a world title this year, so everybody can get that out of their heads,” said Warren.

“He will be fighting for a major title in 2007 but not the world title. “He’s not 21 until December and is still maturing as a fighter. We’ll see how he goes in the year after that. Then might be the time for him to go for a world title.

“Amir would fight for a world title tomorrow, and I think that he needs protecting a little from himself. It’s got to be done at the right time.”

“He’s still only had 11 fights, and is simply not ready. Perhaps by the time he has 20 under his belt it will be time to see where he goes.”

“It’s easy to make world-title fights, but the idea is to win them. There are so many fighters who have screwed up their careers because they were on an ego trip and not ready.

“I believe we are making the right matches at the right time. It’s all about him becoming a legend. That’s what he wants.

“If it does go wrong for Amir then I am the one who takes the blame as his promoter.”


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