Amir Khan Caught Boxer-less Online


 It seems to be one problem after the next with the Khan’s following a very public spat between wife Faryaal Makhdoom and his parents, which dragged both Amir khan and his family into the limelight.

 Adding to the tensions that must have been building up for the boxer, it now appears that a sex tape of his has been leaked online. It was no secret that he was caught in 2013 having cheated on his wife, just weeks after they had tied the knot and gotten married.

 The X-rated snippet of the video proves the rumours that circulated about his alleged cheating. The short clip shows Khan sat on a bed, on Skype, engaging in a sexual act while speaking to a woman. The video had been uploaded onto multiple porn sites, some of them having taken them down.

 Faryal has reportedly commented that she feels, ‘absolutely disgusted,’ with the video and the fact that it was now circulated on US sites.

 The female that Khan was speaking to is allegedly from Arizona, in the US, and previously had a fling with Khan back in 2010.

While Faryal is still in conflict with his family, a source told the Sun, ‘This is a mortifying moment for Amir. He’s a Muslim boxer and his personal life is under the microscope right now, so the timing couldn’t be worse. There had been rumours about these videos for years but now anyone who wants to view them on the internet for free can do so.”

This wouldn’t be the first time that the couple have had to face allegations of cheating, as Khan is alleged to have been involved with glamour models Carla Howe and Natalia Fox, as well as, apparently having sent a numerous amount of X-rated messages to a lap dancer just days after the birth of his daughter.

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