After the success of her cookbooks’ Beyond Brilliant’ and ‘Dip in Brilliant’, celebrity chef Dipna Anand is thrilled to announce the highly anticipated release of her third culinary masterpiece, ‘Dipliciously Brilliant’.

 In Dipna’s first book ‘Beyond Brilliant’ she took readers on a foodie journey of traditional authentic Indian cooking, including many of her grandfather’s recipes. She went onto publish ‘Dip in Brilliant’, a compilation of more traditional Indian and south Indian recipes which features some delightful and quirky family favourites such as, apple and cinnamon cupcakes, and Dipna’s mum’s spaghetti bolognese.

Dipna’s latest offering is her most exciting yet and is packed full of hearty, easy to prepare dishes infused with Indian flavours Dipna style! This talented chef has curated a selection of street food classics and retro recipes that became big hits amongst social media foodies during the lockdown period. The height of fusion cuisine, Dipna’s quirky creations include mouth-watering Tandoori Chicken Burgers, Fishfinger and Chilli Sandwiches, Keema Pappardelle Pasta, and Drunken Chicken Pakoras.

 NEW recipes include:

  • Falooda – an Indian milkshake drink and dessert made with rose syrup, milk, vermicelli, and basil seeds topped with a scoop of ice-cream or kulfi.
  • Samosa Chaat Blast – an Indian street food at its very best, includes crushed samosa, lavished with home-made vegan chick-pea curry, topped with red onions, drizzled with seasoned yoghurt and tamarind chutney, and finished with Bombay mix, pomegranate pearls, coriander and crispy sev.
  • Firecracker Paneer – spicy, sweet, sour, and tangy all at once – and that’s what makes this one a “banging dish”. The paneer can also be replaced with vegetables of choice, chicken, or prawn

Dipna’s latest cookbook is available to purchase here and is priced at £25 or £28 including P&P or available through Waterstones.

Dipna runs her own School of Indian Cookery at Brilliant Restaurant and also offers private cookery lessons and dining events. Through her food demos and pop-up chef events, Dipna has gained a reputation for her expertise in Indian cuisine.

Dipna Anand is a renowned chef, and co-owner of the esteemed ‘Brilliant Restaurant’ in Southall, she also has a restaurant in Milton Keynes located at Unity Place. With a rich culinary heritage spanning over 70 years, Dipna proudly showcases some of her grandfather’s authentic recipes which specialise in Punjabi cuisine with a few South Indian favourites.

Dipna’s culinary expertise has made her a sought-after caterer, with the Indian cricket team and Chelsea Football players among her prestigious clientele. The chef’s Brilliant Punjabi food range is available at selected events with Wembley OVO Arena, The O2, The ExCel London, Twickenham Rugby Stadium and Chelsea FC to name but a few.

This talented 39-year-old chef is a regular on James Martin’s Saturday Morning alongside her dad Gulu. The dynamic duo are also often seen cooking up a storm on Dipna’s social channels. Alongside this, her TV show, Dip In Kitchen, is helping teach the nation how to cook authentic Indian dishes.

One of Dipna’s notable endeavours is her role as a guest lecturer at The University of West London where she shares her expertise in Indian cooking with students. Working alongside the Compass group as brand chef for their Punjabi food range, Dipna is now on the brink of creating her own ready meal range and special masala spices. Her new curry trucks, under the Brilliant Punjabi brand, have also been making waves at sporting events across the country with her masala fries, butter chicken, and pilau rice capturing hearts and taste buds nationwide.


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