Former boxing champion Amir Khan’s opulent wedding venue, The Balmayna, is ready to dazzle guests with its Dubai-inspired grandeur while being situated right next to a humble car wash in Bolton. The 37-year-old athlete has invested a staggering £11.5 million in this project, pouring his heart and soul into creating a setting that radiates luxury and elegance.

Despite the initial astonishment over its unconventional location, The Balmayna is set to open its doors in March 2024, showcasing an array of lavish features that will transport guests to a world of indulgence. The venue’s name, derived from the Arabic term for “Enamelled,” further adds to its allure.

As one approaches The Balmayna, they will be greeted by an enchanting sight, replete with palm trees, a captivating water feature, and a magnificent waterfall that cascades within its walls. Inside, state-of-the-art lighting and sound systems will immerse wedding-goers in an atmosphere of pure enchantment.

The venue is a place many would dream of hosting their wedding but some locals are sceptical.

‘The design is about 10 years out of date,’ Bolton resident Rahila said

However, others were more positive with one stating: ‘It’s like a building from Dubai,’ and local Fawzia Wahid adding: ‘Wow congratulations finally it is open.’

Amir expressed his relief at finally being able to cut the ribbon on his pride and joy, telling The Bolton News earlier this month: ‘I am really looking forward for it to finish now, obviously it’s coming to an end and there were some complications back in the day where we had to put a hold on a lot of work.

‘But look, my heart is in the right place and God is going to make it work for me.’

Amir started this project back in 2015 and revealed in a previous episode of Meet The Khans: Big In Bolton, that the budget had soared significantly from £3.2m to £11.5m.

‘My dad is involved to help me and make sure it is going okay and I had to take a step forward and make things come through,’ he said




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