As we enter 2020, we look back at last year’s goals, did you achieve all, any, or none?

Most people start to think about new year resolution and make all sorts of promises to themselves and others about how they are going to make big changes in the new year.

Here are just some tips to achieve your 2020 goals.

Dry January

One of the most popular new year resolutions, particularly after the excesses of the holiday period. Often matched with an increased level of exercise.

Save more money

The new year is a good time look at your finances and try to put a little away every month towards that something special.

Digital detox

The new year could represent an opportunity to think about spending less time on our phones or laptops, browsing Facebook or Instagram.


Volunteering is another way of contributing to those less fortunate and gives you that feel  good factor.

Go vegetarian

‘Veganuary’ is the latest January trend sweeping the globe. People are going vegan for the month to raise awareness and promote the benefits of vegan living.

Learn a new skill

Whether it be for your career or just a hobby, learning a new skill in your spare time could have great benefits in the long-run.

Recycle more

Doing that bit extra to become more environmentally conscious in the new year and contributing to combating the effects of climate change.


Travel more

Visiting a new country, or even just having a weekend away every once in a while can give you something to look forward to.






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