The first ever Muslim digital Lifestyle platform and marketplace for brands, connecting Muslims worldwide, has launched in the UK. Salam Planet provides the ideal solution for Muslims wanting to share great experiences, search for services, engage with brands and interact with friends. It is, quite simply, an app covering absolutely everything relevant to a Muslim’s daily life.

Salam Planet links consumers and brands in one place. Consumers can shop, connect with friends, discover the latest trends and practice their spirituality; while brands can gain targeted access with the ability to create events, generate revenue, gain insights and find followers.

The possibilities are endless. The Muslim lifestyle market is growing fast. There are close to 2 Billion Muslims, and within Salam Planet’s target audience are young, tech-savvy, educated, urban Muslims who regard their religion as playing a role in their purchasing decisions. Until now, App providers for information and services relating to Muslim life have been very niche and fragmented. Salam Planet offers a much needed one-stop mainstream solution, perfect for consumers and businesses.

“As Muslim consumer markets around the world continue to become more sophisticated, there is a demand for products that anticipate the unique needs of this segment. I believe Salam Planet has the technology and the leadership team essential to meet these needs by providing a platform gathering both consumers and businesses together in one app,” comments Shahed Amanullah, CEO Zabiha.

Reactions from the Muslim community have been very positive.

Omair Khan, CEO Salam Planet says, “We are growing fast, with more than 600,000 downloads to date, and are on-boarding Muslim brands. We will shortly be launching our event portal, where users will be able to find Muslim events around the world.”

He continued, “We are really excited about the UK launch as it is a key market for Salam Planet. The UK is a trendsetter for the Muslim community worldwide, and our success here will boost our forthcoming global launch.”

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