A man from Leicester woke up to find another car partly on top of his after a crash on the morning of Sunday 19 May.

Bhupendra Patel said that a boy from his neighbourhood  knocked on the door to tell him there had been a car crash and his Mercedes C200 was badly damaged.

Bhupendra, 62, left his terraced home in Lyme Road in Evington, Leicester, and walked round the corner to Devana Road where he saw that his car, as well as two others, had been hit by a car.

He said: “There was a knock at the door and the boy said my car was damaged in the accident.”

“The car had damaged three parked vehicles.

Police arrived and a male was breathalysed and arrested.

The Leicestershire road policing unit later tweeted photographs from the scene, showing the Mercedes C1 up on two wheels and partially on top of the other Mercedes.

The other cars damaged were a red Ford Focus and a grey Honda Civic, which were parked either side of Bhupendra’s Mercedes in Devana Road.


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