As an organisation Birmingham Youth Sports Academy (BYSA) have been on a Mission to positivity influence the lives of young people through positive role models since 2002. We want to contribute to a bright future for the City of Birmingham and a big part of this is getting young people to better integrate into society. Whilst we have focussed on football so far, we realise that to truly achieve our goal, we will need to be more engagement points than football.

Having recently received the ‘Queens award’ and the ‘Pride of Birmingham’ award we have been able to create new relationships with like-minded organisations. We are extremely pleased that TSB has agreed to partner with us on some of these projects, specifically our Mentoring & Education projects.

Emma Shaw, Area Director for TSB in the South Midlands, said: “Week in and week out BYSA do a fantastic job supporting young people on and off the pitch. The positive impact they are having in their local community is immense, helping hundreds of young people reach their full potential. That’s why we’re proud to support them. People helping people is at the heart of everything we do at TSB and BYSA is a great example of that.”

In 2018 we launched a mentoring programme for our kids, which has received a lot of good feedback and the next stage is the launch of the Education programme which had a successful pilot this week, before being rolled out formally in 2019. The Education Programme is designed to help kids who are transitioning from junior to senior school. This is an important time in a young persons life and is dependent on their performance in the SAT’s exams. The results of your SAT’s exams are used to define which tutorial groups kids will be put when they start secondary education and this is why we are targeting this area.

The pilot was launched on Monday 17th December, with our project partners TSB in attendance.

‘It’s a huge honor to have TSB join us in partnership, working together and alongside each other, we will be able to engage further with the wider community. Our Volunteers give their time for a single purpose, helping kids feel better about themselves and realise their potential. With the mentoring and education projects we are hoping to expand our ability to influence the future our great city’

Amer Awan, Chairman, BYSA


BYSA have continued to create opportunities for their members with a number of projects lined up for 2019. In Dec 2018 they took their Centre of Excellence squad to Madrid for training and a cultural visit.

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BYSA arranges World Class training for its Academy starlets.

When you want to Inspire a young mind, what better than to take them to the home of the Galácticos? Madrid is where the world’s most famous footballers have played and is home to both Real Madrid and Athletico Madrid football clubs. Birmingham Youth Sports Academy (BYSA) have just returned from a tour of Madid, Spain, where their young talent received training from Madrid’s own coaching staff.


This is the second time that BYSA have taken their young talent overseas, in 2010 they took the academy to Barcelona, but this trip definitely exceeded all expectations. As well as stadium tours of both Real and Athletico, the highlight of the trip was training sessions delivered at the Real Madrid training facilities.

‘Its been an unbelievable trip, When I was little I used to watch players like Ronaldo and Beckman play for Madrid and now I can’t believe I have been able to see the stadium and train in the same place as these legends used to train.’ Shahzad Rahman, Center of Excellence member.

The overall objective of BYSA is to inspire potential in young people in what they can do with their lives. In total 18 members of the Center of Excellence were taken on this trip, some of whom had never been overseas before. The overall experience included some cultural aspects as well, with the kids experiencing Spanish culture, food and language. Being away from home gives the kids a chance to experience new cultures and also build confidence in themselves and their team mates.


BYSA founder, Anwar Khattak was also on the trip as part of the coaching team ‘Seeing the range of emotions from the kids this week has been amazing, it’s why us volunteers do what we do, to help these kids realise that they achieve whatever they set their minds to’.

BYSA have continued to create opportunities for their members with a number of projects lined up for 2019. This year they kicked off Mentoring and Education Programme’s for kids who are going into secondary education.

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