Garage Worker Chases Carjackers With Broom


A sale assistant at Merestones Petrol Station in Acocks Green, has spoken how he jumped into action to chase off two men in an attempted carjacking with his broomstick.

Risalat Hussain, 35-year-old who ran out to help a woman who was ambushed and dragged from her Mercedes at a petrol station around 7am on Sunday morning, January 6

Hussain spotted two thugs rushing towards the helpless woman and he potentially risked his job by saving her.

Mr Hussain told BirminghamLive: “I was behind the till and I spotted what was going on. I shouted to my colleague in the office, ‘Come outside! Quick! Quick!’ and we both ran.

“We just ran at them saying, ‘Get off her now!’ and grabbed broomsticks which were next to us.

“It is against company policy to do what we did and we’re told we’re not allowed to help if there’s a crime but, for me, this person’s life is more important than my job.

“It’s just in me to help people and, before, I’ve stopped people fighting. I say, ‘Don’t fight, don’t fight’.”

The petrol station worker said that the hooded duo had their faces covered and targeted the victim’s 68-plate white Mercedes A-Class, priced at £40,000.

“They were white men aged between 25 and 38, I’d say. They had their faces covered and I didn’t see any weapons. They ran off down Fox Hollies Road and we made sure the woman who was on the floor was OK.

“We got her to come into the shop and we gave her some water. She was clearly shaken up. I’d say she was in her 30s maybe. We waited until her husband arrived and, as I finished making a complaint to the police on the phone, he thanked me for helping her.”

A spokeswoman from West Midlands Police said: “Police are investigating the attempted robbery of a car from Merestones Service Station on Fox Hollies Road, Acocks Green on Sunday 6 January.

“A woman had filled up her Mercedes A class car at around 7.10am.

“She went into the garage to pay for the fuel and as she returned to her car, she was approached by two men, with covered faces, who demanded her car keys.

“They grabbed at the woman’s bag and caused her to fall over. The woman screamed and a member or staff ran out of the garage shop, at which point, the two assailants ran off.

“The woman was did not suffer any injuries. No-one has been arrested and police enquiries are ongoing.”

Councillor Majid Mahmood (Lab, Bromford, Hodge Hill) posted on his Facebook page: “This happened in Acocks Green over the weekend.

“If you have any information of the perpetrators please get in touch with  Acocks Green Police.

“Let’s work together so these vile individuals are brought to justice. In the meantime please be careful when filling up at petrol stations.

“A huge thank you to the brave members of staff who came out to assist.”


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