Members of the Sikh community asked officers to leave Guru Nanak Gurudwara in Caldmore after accusing force of ‘conspiring with the Indian Government’ Police were at the Gurudwara in Walsall for a recruitment day which they had a stall in the entrance area of the Gurudwara. Police have denied targeting the Sikh Community after being asked to leave the Gurudwara on the recruitment day.

West Midlands Police had been accused of ‘spying and ‘interfering in matters taking place in India’ by Sikh Youth UK members during the confrontation at the Gurudwara. However, the force has now responded fully deny claims of targeting any group because of their ‘political, religious, racial or ideological beliefs’.

Video footage showed members of Sikh Youth UK giving recruitment officers from West Midlands Police their marching orders from the Gurudwara in Walsall. The Gurudwaras committee had allowed the Polices recruitment team to set up a stall to recruit the Sikh community to join the force. But phone video footage shows Sikh Youth UK members approaching the officers and demanding they leave- which they eventually do.


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