New 5G mobile technology – which will renovate industry, health services and boost online video streaming and gaming – is coming to the West Midlands first.

The 5G mobile connectivity Mobile internet which is much faster than current home fibre broadband and just as reliable, It could be used to replace home wired broadband, Thousands of users can connect at the same time without suffering from drop out, for everyone in New Street – or even new applications like VR.” It uses less power to carry the signal it means longer battery life for devices, Allows more reliable, stronger connections at lower cost for business, public services and consumers.

5G mobile technology will give way for driverless cars, faster smartphones and streamlined health services.

Mayor Andy Street said: “It means that we are a step ahead in the race to implement this technology which means in years to come will prove to be game changing. This was a must-win competition and by coming together as a region were persuaded the Government that we should be that test-bed.

“One of the reasons we won this bid was because we were able to say there are lots of areas this could make a real difference. For the driverless car industry we need that reliable 5G signal for that.

“The potential of this technology is endless – and we will enjoy the benefits first.

“From monitoring the health of babies and the elderly, to the way out people are linked to the economy of the future, the way companies do business, the way we deliver public services, the experience of travellers on public transport and the way we deliver City of Culture and the Commonwealth Games – everything can be made better thanks to the power of this technology.”

The mayor added that with the new range of mobile 5G devices expected to be on the market next year that the people of the West Midlands will be in a position to use them.

Queen Elizabeth Hospital chief executive David Rosser said that current mobile technology is unreliable – especially in people’s homes, so it is not yet practical to share electronic records and information as signals are slow or drop out.

“5G could be transformational,” he said.”A big thing for us would be video clinics, instead of coming into the building to tell a consultant you’re feeling better we can do it remotely.”He said that there will always be patients who need to be seen and examined in person, but added: “If we don’t need to touch you then you can do it from your desk. Save the commute, save time, the cost of car parking, the environment.”


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