DH Foundation is a UK registered charity and established in 1997 by a group of young people determined to make a difference to the lives of those afflicted by poverty and suffering in Bangladesh.  To achieve their vision, DH Foundation undertook regular programme of action and activities aimed at not only providing immediate relief to the poor and needy but will also address ways in which they could become economically active and self-sufficient in the long term.

The Organisation took a holistic view to tackling poverty and its actions and activities encompass all the essential requirements of human life such as food, water, shelter, clothing, medicine, education, training and employment. The programmes and activities include the following;

  • Provide clean water
  • Weekly supplement of food (Food Programme)
  • Medical assistance
  • Restore housing and shelter
  • Relief Aid during flooding and other natural disasters
  • Funeral advice and support
  • Educational equipment
  • Distribution of clothing
  • Fundraising events
  • Basic education and technical training to help people find jobs

Although our main objective is to help the people of Bangladesh, in recent years, DH Foundation has continued providing emergency relief following major disasters and has delivered humanitarian aid to hundreds of thousands of refugees and displaced as a result of major disasters and conflict in countries and areas like Gaza, Syria, Philippines, Pakistan, UK, Burma, Mexico.  More recently our efforts have been dedicated to the atrocities that have taken in Burma, our DH Foundation team has raised considerably amount of funds to help the people of Rohingya and have taken the initiative to distribute the aid to the poor and needy directly in the camps.

As a relatively small charity with a 100% donation policy, we continue to strive and break barrier in order support assist the poor and needy. With our small dedicated team, we intend to future support and assist in emergency relief throughout the world. In the UK, our plan is to breakthrough and support people in need of social and poverty assistance.  Although our main projects and objectives is to help the poor people of Bangladesh and make them social and economic viable so that they can maintain and sustain a decent livelihood.

Over the past few years we have undertaken many initiatives and programmes throughout Bangladesh to help aid the poor and needy. Our main programmes include, a rice programme which consists of the basic food necessities for those who are need of it most, an Islamic orphanage school which aids the least privileged orphans in order to help them flourish in Islamic education and Ramadan programme in which we provide basic food packs for those families who not able to fully observe the holy month of Ramadan as they don’t have the basic essentials. Furthermore, we put together additional schemes which have helped the poor with our initiatives such as housing restoration as well as shelter assistance, access to clean water including water pumps and wells, medical support targeting women’s health, the elderly and children in particular and we have held a number of charity fundraising events to raise funds in order to support these causes.  Throughout last year and this year, we have carried out various campaigns to assist the Rohingyans. Through these campaign we raised vast amount of donations, we were able to distribute large amount of aid through our dedicated relief team.

The main purpose of the street collection is to collect donations for Rohingya, which took place on Saturday 17th March 2018. The collection will enable the people of Rohingya to have basic food rations, aid and medical assistance. As we are a relatively small charity, this street collection will facilitate the exposure and awareness we sought, and attract an audience to join us in helping tackle poverty in the most destitute areas of the world. The coverage on the Rohingya has gone silent, the media as well as the NGO’s thus decreasing massively in aid and contributions. The number of Rohingyan’s fleeing has also increased now resulting in over 700,000 people in camps in the south of Bangladesh. The street collection will take place in the Borough of Newham and we will cover the main footfall areas such as Stratford, East Ham and Upton Park.

We endeavour to maximise our donation collection through this street collection, this will enable us provide the basic food rations and mere essentials they need. By raising funds for Rohingya we are aiming to improve overall sustainability, a change in their current living conditions and ensuring they are economically viable.

Mohammed Hasham Sharif, DH Chairman and Trustee sais: “ruly amazing team work and effort by the DH Foundation team and volunteers. They worked extremely hard in horrendous weather conditions. So proud of the team.”

We are aiming to have approximately 60 to 70 people to help us fundraise and they will be aged 16 and over. All fundraiser members that will be participating and helping Dh Foundation will be on a voluntary basis.


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