A new partnership was launched at the Sporting Equals British Ethnic Diversity Sports Awards 2018 aimed at establishing the highest standards when it comes to diversity and inclusion in sport. Sporting Equals have joined forces with the Sport Integrity Global Alliance (SIGA).

As part of SIGA’s reform agenda and efforts to promote good governance across sport, this partnership will place  a particular emphasis on ensuring the boardrooms of sports bodies around the world are inclusive. The partnership will also look at other products aiming to make the sport sector globally more diverse.

Densign White, Chair of Sporting Equals, and a Council member of SIGA, said, “The Sporting Equals British Ethnic Diversity Sports Awards are part of a wider strategy to promote ethnic diversity in all levels of sport from the playing pitches right through to the boardrooms of sports organisations that is why it was fitting that we should officially launch our partnership at the awards evening. We look forward to working with SIGA to make a positive difference globally and achieve the reforms needed to instil confidence in sport and the communities it serves.”

Emanuel Medeiros, CEO of SIGA said “It is not enough to talk about the power of sport to inspire social change. Diversity in sport is not a convenience or something we feel obliged to promote because it is politically correct. It is a necessity and our indeclinable moral imperative. It is not something we should leave to the next generation. Partnering with Sporting Equals, we will instigate concrete action and develop a series of impactful initiatives, not just in the UK, but globally. Diversity in sport must be a reality in our time.”


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