Car manufacturer Jaguar Land Rover is cutting back production at its Castle Bromwich plant in Birmingham as it produced no cars at the plant for four weeks over Christmas, according to reports.

A Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) spokesman said: “We can confirm that Castle Bromwich is currently undergoing planned, extended shutdowns.

“This is due to reduced demand following challenging market conditions, especially reduced demand for diesel, in the UK.

“We can also confirm that there have been no job losses at the plant.”

This follows an announcement made that production is to be cut at the Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) plant in Halewood, Merseyside.

The car manufacturer claimed lack of consumer confidence for the need to cut production, and said Brexit is partly responsible.

It also suggesting a fall in demand for diesel cars, which have been blamed for pollution even though the modern diesel vehicles such as those produced by Jaguar use technology which cuts emissions significantly.

Currently there are no plans to cut production at its Land Rover plant in Solihull or the engine factory in Wolverhampton.

JLR said it had enjoyed another record breaking year in vehicle sales – the seventh year of successive growth for Britain’s largest car manufacturer.

“However, the automotive industry continues to face a range of challenges which are adversely affecting consumer confidence.”

Birmingham MP Jack Dromey (Lab Erdington), whose constituency includes the Castle Bromwich plant, said: “JLR is a world class company that has transformed the lives of thousands working in the Castle Browmich and Solihull plants.

“The company is now being hard hit by the mishandling of Brexit and the transition from diesel.

“The Government has got to get this right, because otherwise the problems will mount for a fine company and a fine workforce.”


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