Indian Singles UK is taking the UK’s Asian Dating scene by storm


Indian Singles UK ( is pioneering the way forward in the mobile app space for the UK Asian Dating scene. Their app has real time chat and notifications, as well as a live news feed of all of its members across the UK. The news feed is tailored to your characteristics and your search preferences. It is an app experience beyond anything currently out there for Asian singles in the UK.

Indian Singles UK has crafted an all-inclusive stage for the busy city professional. Our Certified Matchmakers can help you find your future partner.  Or speak to our dating concierge team to book you that very important first date. Or browse our online shopping boutique for mandatory items that you need to go on a date or to gift your date with.

Have a look at: where you can also download our free app.

CMO Reena Gupta:

“Even though Indian Singles UK is in the forefront of dating technology in the UK, we haven’t forgotten our roots – we organise nearly a hundred Asian dating events every year across the UK for singletons to mingle at. Our award winning apps have changed the Asian Dating scene. Whether you are Hindu, Jain or Sikh or belong to the Gujarati, Punjabi or Tamil community our network is for everyone.”

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Happy dating!


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