Drayton Manor Lifts Ban On Sikh Kirpan


Drayton Manor has lifted their ban on the Sikh ceremonial sword after complaints following an incident where a primary school teacher was denied entry to a children’s party.

The Kirpan – a holly dagger – was considered a risk to health and safety at the Tamworth theme park.

Eyewitnesses said that the Coventry teacher who was denied access was told by park staff that they were concerned the Kirpan could fall off on a ride.

A meeting was held between Sikh Council UK and the park bosses after the incident where the Sikh organization explained the importance of the Kirpan and how it is a mandatory article once Sikhs have gone through the Sikh equivalent of a baptism/initiation.

Following the ruling change, Jasveer Singh, of the Sikh Press Association said, “A lot of people might not use the word ‘victory’, but it is justice. Drayton Manor has taken our concerns on board.

“We could understand it (the ban), from someone who had no understanding of the issue, but at Drayton Manor this issue has come-up before.”

A Drayton Manor spokesperson said, “Drayton Manor Park is a family run business which operates within a multi-cultural society enriched with different creeds and beliefs and its staff welcome and embrace this.

“Together, Drayton Manor Park and the Sikh Council UK has developed strict guidelines designed for the benefit of all, while ensuring Sikh visitors’ sacred traditions are upheld.”


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