Council Announces Twenty New Bus Lane Cameras Across Birmingham


Birmingham City Council has announced its aim to target “selfish drivers” as it erects 20 bus lane cameras across the city.

Drivers will be warned about the new regulations with a mobile camera unit out over the coming weeks.

The locations of the camera housings spread across the city – they are in the city centre, A5127 Lichfield Road/A38 Tyburn Road, A441 Pershore Road and B4128 in Bordesley Green.

The council aims to catch drivers illegally using bus lanes in the city with the 20 camera housings but only ten posts will be active at a given time, with cameras moving between the locations preventing drivers from discovering which are active.

The new enforcement cameras will go live Monday 4th September with motorists receiving warning letters if caught in bus lanes.

After the 2nd October, however, breaches will mean drivers being fined £60 – reduced to £30 if paid within the first 14 days.

City Council cabinet member Stewart Stacey said, “The message really couldn’t be simpler: cross the line, pay the fine.

“This is about keeping the city moving and selfish motorists who illegally travel in bus lanes have a serious impact on journey times for bus and taxi passengers and further exacerbate the city’s congestion problems.

“Even if we don’t collect a single penny the scheme will still be a success because it will mean people have heeded our message and are obeying the law,” he added.


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