Local music mavericks Punch Records are about to embark on a major artist development program providing exceptionally talented local musicians with the support, opportunities and infrastructure they need to achieve their national goals. Punch’s latest talent development program ‘Next Level’ is their most innovative and intensive project to date.

‘Next Level’ is a six month program designed with artists needs directly at the core of the project. Singer-songwriters and live event favorites; Call me Unique, Dee Ajayi and Sophia Lee Soul, rising grime star Scorpz and nationally championed producers; A Class and Rynsa man make up the ‘Next Level’ collective.

Ammo Talwar CEO of Punch explains – “Birmingham is on the crest of a creative wave at the moment and there is a category of artist that could maximise their potential with some infrastructure assistance which is currently lacking from the city, particularly at a high industry level, ‘Next Level’ seeks to be the solution to this problem.

These artists were chosen because of their substantial local success, fan following, radio play and all round talent. The main aim is to provide this amazing talent on the cusp of national recognition, a holistic program that enhances their growth within the myriad (and often confusing) elements of the music industry.”

Local favourite Call me Unique says “I have worked with Punch for the past 6 years on and off. I’m very excited about this long term commitment to local artists and learning new things with fellow local musicians – it’s going to be fun”

For more info – www.punch-records.co.uk


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