Sajid Rashid BEM BCAc

“Conceive it, Believe it, Achieve it!”


Sunday 18th December 2016 a proud day for all Burtonians, gathered alongside Sajids family and friends from around the UK. Celebrities, MP’s, Councillors, community heroes & dignitaries along with businessmen and charities from across the UK gathered in the bustling brewing town of Burton-on-Trent to celebrate the outstanding achievements of Sajid Rashid’s success.

The exclusive invite only celebration of the British Empire Medal at the breath taking Burton Town Hall, rewarding Sajid Rashid for his achievements and success at a young age dubbed ‘It’s a BEM Celebration’.

image6At the age of only 26, Sajid Rashid is one of the youngest person ever to have been awarded a British Empire Medal (BEM) from Her Majesty The Queen on the New Year’s Honours List 2016 for his tireless service to the community, as well as a profound impact on the community and fundraising.

Sajid’s guests were kept in suspense as the entourage led by a white Rolls-Royce Ghost with a number plate reading ‘SAJ BEM’ turned heads as it led the way forward for his grand entrance into the Burton Town Hall. As the entourage approached to a halt, both the entourage and the guests for the evening enjoyed the view of spectacular fireworks that lit up the night sky above, a truly memorable and unique kick start to the event that left people gob smacked with more surprises to look forward to on the night.

Katie ‘an onlooker’ who said ‘it seemed like the president had arrived.’

Sajid started volunteering at Staffordshire Youth Service and quickly progressed to become a Millennium volunteer after helping young people around East Staffordshire set up youth centres in his spare time. He then moved his focus to Uxbridge Community Centre where he became chairman, and then vice-chairman, allowing him to improve the vimage4-1enue and the community.

Amongst his volunteer work, Sajid also works for Rolls-Royce and is also a qualified pilot, this has enabled Sajid to impact both his local and the international community, leading him explore STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths) fields in order to inspire young minds.

Sajid has raised over £40,000 for natural disasters around the world including his recent zipline challenge for The Amir Khan Foundation in which he was fund raising to provide clean drinking water wells to the needy in South Asia.

After his BEM award earlier in the year, Sajid went onto receive another award in
acknowledge of his achieve and hard work. In July, Sajid was honoured with British Citizens Award medal (BCA) from the Westminster Palace in London for improving British Society as well as services to the community going on to scooping the ‘Positive Role Model award for Age at The National Diversity Awards thereafter, which is the UK’s Largest Diversity Awards.

After a fun filled eve of music, food, laughs and the expected insights from his close ones, Sajid graced the stage with his presence on the night to deliver an exceptional Thank You speech where he dedicated the nimage12-1ight to his parents and talked about Philanthropy.

A heartfelt moment where he expressed his feelings;

“At a young age I learned from my parents time and time again that you can give a lot even though you may not have a lot, My parents gave me the greatest gift anyone could give another person, they believed in me!”
“I always remember my parents telling me to ‘never give up’, always do the best you can and never settle for less, they inspired me to dream big. I still use this ideology today to out think my peers”

He then went on to say: “But no matter how tall I have become, I will never be higher than your presence in my life. No matter how many awards or medals I achieve, I will never be richer than the wealth of love you have for me”

I may be an engineer, pilot and with a BEM but without you two I would be nothing, my parents my pride and joy! They have truly shown me what philanthropy is”

Haroon Khan (brother of Boxer Amir Khan)
Haroon Khan (brother of Boxer Amir Khan)

Over 280 people from across the UK had attended the extravagant celebration including guest speakers Rt. Honourable Lord (Baron) Nazir Ahmed from the House of Lords, along with Burton Member of Parliament Andrew Griffiths MP, Former World Boxing Champion Amir Khans Brother Haroon Khan And Paul Sesay CEO of The Diversity Group.

One Derby born guest, Sharaz Ali, now a London based film director, expressed his thoughts on the event and Sajid “… for an event like this to take place in Burton and to be invited has been a pleasure in itself. Saj is an inspiring young man who has only started his journey- we have a lot to see from him and who knows, maybe one day I’ll be making a film on his life story! I just need to ask him if he will star in it!”

Burton Mail were just one of the media partners along with many others supporting the celebration. International News Channels Geo crews were present along with UK44 (Sky Channel) that broadcasted the event live worldwide for all the public to view on the night. Local media supporters such as Asians UK also covered the prestigious event.

Singer Navin Kundra
Singer Navin Kundra

The energy in the room was exceptional as well as positive, The evening was kicked off by a introduction storyboard video of Sajids Achievements presented by Amor Media Productions Director ‘Mujahaid Bin Jamshaid’ who also hosted the event. The diverse line up of entertainment by leading award winning dance group ‘Desi Nach’ included flame throwers and electrifying performances that kept the guests entertained along with Navin Kundra an award winning singer who performed some of his famous number one songs.

Overall, it was much to admire and inspire from this young Burton boy, he left everyone inspired and also humbled with what he has achieved at his young age. We are sure to see many more stones turned with this promising soul, as Sajids very own words; “Conceive it, Believe it, Achieve it!”

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