Superkart Challenges You


While the conventional way of fundraising money would be through running a marathon or cake baking, the Superkart Charity Challenge gives you the opportunity to have fun racing on go karts to help raise money for charity. The adrenaline fuelled event will be taking place in Birmingham with the qualifying heats beginning on March 22nd 2017.

Keep in mind, there are very limited spaces, only 10 teams per heat during the 5 qualifying heats.  This is a perfect charity event for businesses to be a part of and an excellent opportunity to raise money for a good cause. Prizes will also be awarded for the racing efforts, the 1st place community team will receive a reward of £5000 cash prize and the team in 2nd place will win a £2500 cash prize.


The main aim of this challenge is not only to raise money, but to also have fun while being able to spend time with your friends, family and colleagues in a day filled with laughter!

Peter Colin Masters and Apache Indian at the SuperKart Charity Challenge

You are able to create your own team of up to 10 people, conjure up a theme if you wish, think of an awesome team name and even dress up if you want to! It’s an open house event with a great way to help the community while letting off some steam on the track. So rally your team together and if you think that you have what it takes to win, apply today!




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