Parliament get the Final Accept or Reject Vote on Brexit


News from Downing Street reveals that it is “very likely” that Parliament MP’s and their peers will be given a vote on whether to accept or reject the final Brexit contract, putting a spanner in the works of the UK’s exit of the EU.

The reveal of the finalising vote has caused a surge in the British pound against the dollar in the exchange market. James Eadie QC told the High Court that Parliament would need to agree upon the final Brexit deal, with the spokeswoman of Theresa May calling this an ‘accurate reflection’ of the law.

This vote raises the possibility that Brexit could be halted, ‘softened’ or lead to Britain leaving the EU without any deals of any kind as well. Some expert leaders have also raised the point  that there is nothing in Article 50 that means the UK can’t withdraw its declaration to leave the EU either. However government lawyers insist May has the full right to power ahead with Brexit regardless of Parliamentary vote using her Royal Prerogative.

A senior pro-EU Conservative MP has called the verdict a “victory for all those who believe in the right of Parliament to represents the interests of our constituents.” During the highly contentious Brexit vote, which had the eyes of the world on the UK, Britain voted 52% to leave with 69% of the districts having a majority leave.

Mr Carmichael has also shown his approval, the Open Britain supporter saying:

It’s an encouraging sign that the Government has agreed to give Parliament a say on the final terms of Brexit. But there must be a role of Parliament before the end of the negotiations.

“The best place to start would be for the Government to commit to a debate and a vote in the House of Commons on the Government’s principles for the upcoming negotiations before they trigger Article 50.”




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