Burger Bar Dealer Jailed

Gang member Ishmail Lee jailed for massive drug dealing charges

Ishmail Lee

Lee, a member of the infamous Burger Bar gang, has been sentenced to 14 years in jail for selling cocaine and heroin. He is also said to have instructed members Reial Phillips and Ashai Grey in the same crimes. Lee was found guilty at Birmingham Crown Court on two counts of conspiracy to supply class A drugs.

The criminal who hails from Wolverhampton has denied the charges.

Philips meanwhile has previously been jailed for 27 years for drugs and firearms offences.

Although Lee has denied being a part of the gang, Judge Mark Wall QC is sure he was part of an Armed Response Faction – a branch of the Burger Bar gang – and his drug dealing was gang related. A video of the gang can be seen on YouTube.

Lee had been convicted of possession of a loaded gun on a double-decker bus and also a kidnapping when a victim was hit with a revolver.

“Having considered the evidence, you took a leading role,” the judge told Lee. “You directed the sale that was being carried on by Phillips and Gray and others.

“When you went on holiday you left your phone in your car and gave the car to someone else.

“I am certain you did this so that someone else could mind your business when you were away.”

The man was arrested in his partner’s home in Wolverhampton where police found cocaine and designer clothing worth up to £25,000.



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