A Slow Brexit

Claims that Chancellor Philip Hammond is delaying Brexit proceedings dismissed as “rubbish”

Chancellor of the Exchequer Philip Hammond

Chancellor Philip Hammond has discussed ideas for controlling immigration after the UK leaves the European Union, however reports have emerged that Hammond is attempting to “undermine Brexit” by delaying decisions on migrant issues.

The Daily Telegraph reported that the chancellor was one of the people treading carefully about plans for a new work permit system to reduce immigration, which was discussed at a Brexit cabinet committee meeting.

Home Secretary Amber Rudd is said to have showed plans for a post-Brexit visa process where EU workers would need to prove they have found a secure job before being let into the UK. The newspaper said the plan was proof that the UK would leave the single market as part of Brexit, this is something that Mr. Hammond was said to have warned against.

Hammond is said to have thrown questions about the plans causing members to become frustrated by his position on Brexit. The paper quoted “He is arguing from a very Treasury point of view. He is arguing like an accountant seeing the risk of everything rather than the opportunity.”

Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt however stated cabinet was “absolutely united” in taking the right decision.

Hunt told BBC Radio 4’s Today programme, “We must go through all the options. This isn’t the first time in the history of government where you read reports in the newspapers that may not actually reflect what’s happening.”


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