Urban fitness: what’s stopping you?


If you work for a largish organisation, you may have joined in a 10,000 steps challenge recently. How did it go? Please let me know. If you are anything like me, you were probably super keen at the start and then it just got a little bit boring after a while. By day twenty you may have run out of steam.

For many people, variety is the key when it comes to exercise. A little of this and a bit of that. So, I love hill-walking but I also do quite a bit of cycling and walking, and I throw in some swimming when I have time. Mixing things up makes sense because you use different muscle groups, so your all round fitness will improve.

The other main factor that can keep you motivated is having good company. Doing some activity with people is far more enjoyable than plodding around on your own. You don’t have to grind on relentlessly for hours either: short bursts of activity (that leave you a little out of breath and warmed up on a cold day) are excellent, especially if you space bouts of moving about through the day.

So what about a walk to your friends’ or relatives’ house, or a jog through the park? You could join a local walking group. If you work in Birmingham, Work Play Fit organises free 30 minute urban walks at lunchtime for professionals. Whatever you do, a hearty well done and let me know how you are getting on.


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