Say Goodbye to common hair problems with Nature’s Nuture’s from Dabur Vatika


Nature’s Nurturers are here to pamper your hair naturally

It’s time to say goodbye to summer and say hello to autumn/winter. But the change in season brings with it a whole host of seasonal hair problems. Now we can’t change the weather but what we can definitely change are the problems our beautiful tresses face. So our Vatika enthusiast, Anushka Arora, is here to give us her top tips.

Anushka Arora, the gorgeous and talented radio presenter with absolutely beautiful hair says that her hair gets dry and fine during this time of the year. So she uses the Vatika Naturals egg protein rejuvenating shampoo which works wonders for her hair. It gives her hair a natural lift and looks full of volume once dried.

Now let’s take a look at how to tackle the 3 common hair problems most of us face, using products that are inspired by nature’s nurturers.


Frizzy hair struggles

Have you got frizzy hair? That means your hair is crying out for help.

Use olive oil as it adds moisture and shine to lacklustre hair. CoconutOne of the biggest benefits of olive oil is that is contains antioxidants, which remove harmful free radicals from the surface of your hair and scalp. Free radicals contribute to premature aging, so protecting the hair follicle with antioxidants may help with hair loss. Olive oil also penetrates the hair shaft better than other types of oils and creates shiny, healthy hair with improved elasticity.Vatika hair

Don’t rub your hair dry with a towel as it causes unnecessary friction that damages to your hair. Instead, gently squeeze the water out with your hands and let your hair air dry.

Do use Vatika Natural’s Olive range and follow our Nature’s Chakra of oiling, shampooing and conditioning your hair in order to keep it hydrated and nourished. It contains all the goodness of Olive, Almond and Cactus, resulting in frizz-free healthier hair.


Annoying lifeless hair

Are you struggling to revive your limp and lifeless hair? Well you’re not alone. In fact, it is one of the most common hair problems faced by women.

Here is a hair hack to add body and volume to your hair. Coconut oil is highly nourishing and is one of Mother Nature’s best natural hair care ingredients. It rejuvenates hair shafts and encourages healthy hair growth as well as the re-growth process of damaged hair. It’s also highly effective in reducing the protein loss that leads to limp and lifeless locks.

Don’t apply heavy conditioners to the roots. It adds unnecessary weight to the hair and leaves it looking greasy.Vatika coconut

Do use the Vatika Naturals Tropical Coconut hair mask once a week to enjoy nourished and strong hair. It is made with the goodness of Coconut, Castor and Henna.


Hair fall woes

If there is one thing in this world that a woman takes seriously, it’s her hair. So what’s a girl to do when those lovely locks start shedding?

Apply cactus oil to your hair as it produces omega fatty acids which are vital for hair growth and development. Cactus oil is also one of the best moisturising agents available and helps keep it thick and shiny. It coats the hair with layers of protection, which helps add volume and shields the hair from damage. Using cactus oil hydrates the hair, provides important vitamins and encourages hair growth.

Vatika Cactus

CactusDon’t expose your hair to harsh chemicals and treatments as they weaken the hair from the roots thereby increasing hair loss.

Do use Vatika Naturals Cactus enriched hair oil to give your hair and scalp complete nourishment and help control hair fall. The oil stimulates the roots resulting in thicker, silkier growth.




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