Corbyn Sweeps Labour Leader Victory

Jeremy Corbyn beats Owen Smith for labour party leader position

Jeremy Corbyn

Corbyn won 61.8% of the vote, larger than the margin a year ago. Smith was gracious in defeat and congratulated the leader but insisted that they needed to win back the trust of the electorate.

Mr Smith said, “There is no doubt that the Labour Party has changed under his [Corbyn’s] leadership, he has mobilised huge numbers of people over the last 12 months, many of whom are here at conference in Liverpool, and he deserves the credit for that, and for winning this contest so decisively.

“I have no time for talk of a split in the Labour movement – it’s Labour or nothing for me… although today’s result shows that our movement remains divided, it now falls primarily to Jeremy Corbyn, as Labour leader, to heal those divisions and to unite our movement.”

Welsh leader Carwyn Jones congratulated Corbyn and offered condolences to Smith saying he fought a “good campaign”. He then added however, “This has not been a happy period for the Labour Party, the country has been denied the functional and forensic opposition they have a right to expect in Westminster, and we must work hard now to put that right.”

Former Labour cabinet minister Lord Peter Hain however countered stating the party needs to make the best of its situation and go out there and campaign.

Corbyn faced a tumultuous year when many Labour MPs resigned and in July Smith announced his decision to run for Labour leader.


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