Work to Begin on UK Funded Migrant Wall

£2m 13ft high 1km long wall set to begin building this month

In 2015, Royal Navy ship HMS Enterprise began rescuing migrants crossing the Mediterranean

Construction is to begin in Calais on a ‘big new wall’ that will deter migrants trying to cross the channel and enter the UK. Last month, an estimated 84,000 migrants in France were stopped by UK Border Force guards.

The wall is to cost £2m and will stretch over 1km alongside the main dual carriageway near the ferry port. It is expected to be 13ft high. A large majority of immigrants attempt to stall traffic along the dual carriage way and climbs into trucks and lorries. The wall will hope to put that to a stop.

The wall was confirmed by Robert Goodwill, the immigration minister, who said:

“The security that we are putting in at the port is being stepped up with better equipment. We are going to start building this big new wall very soon as part of the £17 million package we are doing with the French.”

The wall has been criticised and called a waste of taxpayer’s money. The Road Haulage Association said the money could be better spent on “increasing security along approach roads”.


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