Brummy Teen Passes A-Level Whilst Caring for Sick Family

Atif Khan (right). Pic: Birmingham Mail

A Birmingham youth has smashed expectations by passing his A-levels and getting into the university of his choice, all whilst taking on the responsibility of acting as a young carer to his family.

Atif’s mother suffers from severe epilepsy whilst his little sister has Downs Syndrome. Despite looking after his family, ensuring they take their medication, checking up on his mother in case of a fit, Atif managed to get a B in Maths, C in Chemistry and D in Psychology.

On top of this, Atif was also working part-time at the local cash and carry.

Now the 18-year-old from Moseley School, is all set to study biomedical science at Wolverhampton University.

Atif’s tutor, Henry Hopcroft, said “right from the start it was clear that Atif was a very intelligent and capable student with a real passion for his subjects. It was a pleasure to work with someone who was so motivated and driven to achieve, and who had real clarity about his goals and ambitions.”

Henry is part of The Access Project, an education charity, which works with bright students that face difficulties at home to ensure they can still have an ever brighter future. Atif said “it has been a challenge for me but I have received great support from the school and Henry at The Access Project.”


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