British Olympian ‘Robbed at Gunpoint’ at Rio

Officials warn Team GB against going out, wearing kit and getting taxis

Athletes Village, Rio

A member of Team GB was reportedly robbed on their way back to accommodation

A spokesperson for the British Olympic Association has confirmed that a Team GB athlete was robbed early Tuesday morning whilst returning to their accommodation. They said:

“We can confirm there has been an incident of theft involving a Team GB athlete returning to their accommodation.

“All members of our delegation, including the individual concerned, are accounted for and are safe and well.”

According to the Guardian, the athlete was robbed at gunpoint and left severely shaken afterwards.

They also reported that Team GB officials advised their athletes not to wear their kit whilst outside the athlete’s village and to stay away from taxis.

Sky News has revealed the email as saying:

“Avoid leaving the village after dark in anything other than British Olympic Association/Local Organising Committee/UK Athletics transport – taxis cannot be considered safe late at night.

“If you are planning on going out after dark and have no way of returning other than via taxi, do not go out.

“Do not go out of the village wearing TeamGB kit or carry anything of value unless absolutely unavoidable – this makes you too big a target for theft/crime.”


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