House Explodes in Manchester

An explosion in a Manchester house leaves three with serious injuries

Photograph: Greater Manchester fire and rescue/PA

An explosion has blasted through a house in Ahston-under-Lyne, Manchester, ripping off the entire front and back faces of the terrace house.

The blast occurred at roughly 5am Tuesday morning. A 22-year old woman was forced to flee the home through the roof. Her parents jumped from a bedroom window to safety. Neighbours ran to help upon witnessing the commotion and sent the injured to hospital for their cuts and lacerations. All are now in stable condition.

It is thought that a fire was already burning inside before a gas explosion occurred which took out the majority of the house. The family heard their fire alarm and managed to escape before getting caught in the explosion.

Rubble, glass and debris was sent strewn up and down the road. According the fire and rescue service, at least 10 people have been injured, including neighbours. Several homes were left without electricity or gas.

The daughter, Leanne, who lives down the road from the blast place said “I was in bed and heard the explosion, come outside and saw the house on fire. I thought it was next door and then people came over and told me it was my mum and dad’s.

“Two people jumped out of the window and one of them had to get off the roof and that’s how they got out. They’ve been there years. They’ve lost everything. A lot of memories from years ago. They’ve lost a lot. I’m shocked. Just trying to keep myself together. I’ve got a lot of friends and family supporting me.

“I saw them when they were over the road and they were on a mattress. It was horrible.”


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