Life Sentence for Tube Attacker

Schizophrenic man who attempted beheading tube passenger gets jailed for life

Muhiddin Mire. Pic: Met Police

Muhiddin Mire, who tried to enact his own IS-inspired attack in a tube station in East London, has been jailed for life. On December 5th 2015, Mire entered Leytonstone Station and began attacking people at random.

One of those targeted was musician Lyle Zimmerman, 56. Mire cut his throat in an attempt to behead him.

The 30 year old from Stratford is believed to have shouted that he would “spill blood” for his “Syrian brothers” to which someone replied “you aint no Muslim, bruv.”

Mire is known to have been afflicted by mental health issues and was suffering from paranoid schizophrenia during the incident. Judge Nicholas Hilliard QC said that although he acknowledged Mire’s illnesses, he also believed the main motive for the attack was events in Syria.

He said “in other words, because Muslims were being bombed in Syria, he was going to attack civilians here.

“That was designed to intimidate a section of the public, and it was to advance an extreme cause.”

The attack was caught on CCTV and recorded on mobile phones by witnesses.  The next day #YouAintNoMuslimBruv trended on twitter in solidarity of Muslims.


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