GPD Bhangra Dancers Win International Dance Competition

The prestigious Llangollen International Musical Eisteddfod 2016

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Gabhru Panjab De (GPD) Bhangra Dancers were awarded two prestigious awards at this years Llangollen International Musical Eisteddfod. GPD were the winners of Choreographed/Stylized Folk Dance Group Competition and Children’s Folk Dance Group Competition. The group performed traditional Bhangra dance routines, which originated in a Northern State of India, Punjab.

Competing with talent showcased from across the globe between 5th July – 10th July 2016 as part of the Llangollen International Musical Eisteddfod. GPD performed astoundingly, impressing the judges and audience.

Gabhru Panjab De (meaning ‘Youth of Panjab’) have been dominating the entertainment industry since 1988 through Bhangra folk dance, leaving audiences wowed and completely spellbound.

Aki Sandhu – GPD Manager/Choreographer said, “We were overwhelmed when we won. We were up against some amazing talent but the teams done us proud having worked so hard. We are particularly proud of our juniors’ team who performed spectacularly on the day. I wish to personally thank all the GPD dancers, musicians, students and their families, our followers, fans and sponsors for their continued support, commitment and hard work.”

Gabhru Panjab De competed in the following categories:

Awarded 1st Place & International Trophy:


Results: 1st Gabhru Panjab De (India), 2nd Gema Citra Nusantara (Indonesia), 3rd Perree Bane (Isle of Man)

Awarded 1st Place & International Trophy:

CHILDREN’S FOLK DANCE GROUP COMPETITION – Under 15’s on Wednesday 6 July 2016

Results: 1st Gabhru Panjab De (India), 2nd Dawnswyr Penrhyd (Wales), 3rd Northern Lights (England)

Awarded 2nd Place:


Results: 1st Gema Citra Nusantara (Indonesia), 2nd Gabhru Panjab De (India), 3rd Sheerer Punjab (India)

Finalist – Lucille Armstrong Dance Award:

DANCE CHAMPIONS OF THE WORLD 2016 – Over 16’s on Friday 8th July 2016

Results: Winner: Gema Citra Nusantara (Indonesia), Runners up: Gabhru Panjab De (India) and Nidus 2 (Wales)

Each year around 4,000 performers and as many as 50,000 visitors converge on the beautiful small Welsh town of Llangollen and its International Pavilion; to sing and dance in a unique combination of competition, performance, and international peace and friendship.

The planning for the first International Musical Eisteddfod began in Llangollen, Wales in 1946. In 70 years Llangollen International Musical Eisteddfod has become one of the world’s great music festivals. It began as a way of healing worldwide wounds following the end of the Second World War.

Bindi Sandhu – GPD Founder said, “This achievement is a landmark for traditional Bhangra dance. I was so impressed by the hard work and commitment GPD put in for this distinguished international dance competition. This is a proud moment for not just for Gabhru Panjab De, but for the global Bhangra Dance Industry. GPD have been leading the way for Bhangra dance since 1988 and still continues to grow from strength to strength.”

GPD have entertained huge audiences at festivals and events all around the world including France, Turkey, Jordan, Sweden, Holland, Germany, Belgium, Canada, Bulgaria, UAE to name but a few. The multi-award winning Bhangra dance group have also won many other awards and accolades including the International Bhangra Dance Competition in Toronto, Canada 2001, Brit Asia World Music Awards 2015 and UK Bhangra Awards two years running 2014 and 2015! They have also recently been featured in BBC Doctors, CBBC, various Asian Satellite Channels and a number of Indian films

The vigour, vitality, speed and the synchronisation in which the movements are performed make Bhangra a highly enjoyable spectacular and colourful dance to watch. No other dance can come anywhere near Bhangra in sheer force and tempo. It is a dance of stamina and the Gabhru’s always take special pride in performing this everywhere.


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