Brothers in Arms

Meet West Midlands Police’s newest recruits, Sheryar and Syed Shah


Former retail workers have now vowed to protect the streets as two brothers proudly join the law enforcement family.

Syed (left), normally called Luke, worked previously in retail and charity work before attending Tally Ho Training Centre in November. At 25 years old, the young recruit started as a special constable before becoming a full time officer. Merely months later his sibling, 27 year old Sheryar (right), a former retail assistant, joined the PC recruitment scheme.

Luke, based with Solihull Police, said, “I always wanted to be a police officer, I did forensic and investigative studies at university. Then when I became a special constable a few years ago it really made my mind up I wanted to become a full-time officer.

“I managed to get on the training course which finished in April and have spent time with the response and neighbourhood teams in Solihull since. The skillset I have picked up in the process is fantastic, and how to deal with different situations.

“I remember one of my first arrests, a suspected burglar who tried to escape by climbing over garden fences. But I managed to intercept him and it was such a great feeling to do something to protect the community. It is what the role is about – being able to make a difference and support and reassure the public.”

The Birmingham born pair are the first in their families to join the police force, though they have relatives in Pakistan who are part of their own police teams.

Sheryar stated, “We were excited as a family when Luke joined the police and when the opportunity came around for this latest cohort he said ‘why don’t you apply? I saw how much of a positive impact it had on him and how much more confidence he got from being part of the police.

“As a family we are very close and as brothers we try and push each other to become better officers. We discuss certain scenarios and how we would deal with them which helps us both. There are so many important skills to have as a police officer such as decision-making and good communication.

“I really love it, and the training is great. I am due to finish that in September and so there has not been a day where I have woken up and not wanted to go to work.”


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