Love Your Neighbour

Leading figures of the community joined together for the ‘Love Your Neighbour’ campaign in Birmingham.


The ‘Love Your Neighbour’ campaign launched on Friday 1st July outside Birmingham City Council House in Victoria Square.

The campaign that inspires people to ‘do something kind today’ was initiated after several new reports of an upsurge in racism and hate crimes.

‘Love Your Neighbour’ banners will be exhibited around the city and members of the public are encouraged to record acts of kindness on a campaign website and through social media.

Fred Rattley, director for community regeneration at Church of England Birmingham, CEO of Thrive Together Birmingham and member of Birmingham Partners, has been hugely involved in the campaign.

He said: “This is a coalition of different groups in the city.

“It is a sign of solidarity and we hope it sends out a strong message to people across the city regardless of their background.

“We would encourage businesses, as well as members of the public to display the banner.”


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