Black Badge


Welcome to the dark side.

Rolls Royce brings ‘dark and dangerous’ to a whole new level with their Ghost Black Badge. It exudes luxury and buoyancy, hinting at the pure power that lies under the bonnet.

Drink in the sight of the Spirit of Ecstasy with her gallant silhouette luring you into the depths of the night. The contrast between the high-gloss dark chrome rudiments to the LED headlights, Rolls-Royce Badge oozes light and darkness.

With sparks of dark chrome running along the slender body, accentuating Ghost Black Badge’s refined carving, marking the sophistication of craftsmanship.

Ghost Black Badge’s modern figure is heightened by the exquisite 21” carbon fibre composite wheels. A mix of unique, mechanically-fashioned materials that uphold luxury and power.

Inside of the Rolls Royce

It is not only luxury but comfort that is erected into every curve of the Ghost Black Badge. A bold two-tone leather upholstery not only appeals to the eye but brings comfort to the body, alongside the fibre fascia cabin that transforms our vision.

The glamour of the night sky is brought inside the cabin with delicate traces of orange-tipped hands in the Black Badge clock and the Bespoke Starlight Headliner, bringing the wonder of the stars inside.

A car that is born to be driven with its 6.6 litre twin-turbo V12 engine that has been enriched to deliver more force (840Nm) and an electrifying 630hp (450kw), making this one of the fastest in the Ghost series. Its increased power allows you to fly effortlessly through the night.

Rolls Royce Black Badge

Ghost Black Badge thrives on technology. The electromagnetic camera senses body heat up to 300m away, the intelligent air suspension senses the smallest of movements so you know where you’re headed, even in the darkness.

Every detail of the Ghost Black Badge has been designed for an unswerving and instinctive driving experience.


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