Muslim Charity Helps UK Flood Victims Get Back On Their Feet


Human Appeal, a humanitarian aid charity based in Manchester, will be following up the emergency aid they provided to victims of the floods that hit the UK in December, by helping renovate damaged houses in the Carlisle area.

On Saturday June 18th, a team of Muslim volunteers from Human Appeal will travel from Manchester to Carlisle help renovate a home of Carlisle resident, whose home was damaged during December’s floods. Human Appeal, an Islamic faith-based charity, is currently in its most important period of the year; the holy Islamic month of Ramadan.

Human Appeal’s CEO, Othman Moqbel, said: “Last winter, we were reminded that the UK is not immune to natural disasters, as Storm Desmond and Storm Eva hit and caused heavy flooding and £1.5billion worth of damage. Despite misconceptions about faith-based charities, Human Appeal provides aid to everyone in need, regardless of faith.”

Mr Moqbel continued “We helped provide emergency aid whilst the floods were at the worst in December and now we are going back to help get those still feeling the effects. We will help renovate the damaged homes of those unable to fix things themselves.”

“This Ramadan, it is expected that £100m will be pledged to good causes by British Muslims. Human Appeal has been helping our supporters to provide aid to disadvantaged people at home and abroad for 25 years.”


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