More Than Beauty

Angoorlata Deka won the Batadroba election when BJP formed its new government in Assam but all folks can see is her beauty.


Actress-turned politician, Angoorlata Deka wasn’t congratulated on her success, rather by using social media, people have focused more on her beauty than her victory.

Only a scarce amount has been conveyed about her campaign or her victory in Assam, so inept are people of looking beyond her physical appearance.

People have very good-naturedly pointed out that her (exquisite) presence in Assembly could potentially mean full attendance.

Filmmaker Ram Gopal Varma tweeted: “If MLA can look like this, Achche din aagaye hai.. Thank you Angoorlataji, Thank you Modiji, 1st time I love politics” which evoked a huge response from others on Twitter.

He was heavily critisized, someone tweeted: “@RGVzoomin I am disappointed reading your comment, you should support young woman for taking this responsibility not looking at her in a dirty way.”

The filmmaker explained his comments about BJP MLA Angoorlata Deka, by tweeting: “With regards to my comment on Angoorlataji,I was just paying a compliment to her. since most MLA’s don’t look good it was such a change.”

A series of pictures spread like wildfire across the web, pictures that were not even of Deka.

The picture is of Sapna Vyas Patel, a fitness enthusiast, who has announced via twitter: “Some people are circulating this picture without knowing the truth. Share this truth on WhatsApp groups and other social media to make internet a believable source of information.”


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