In The Spotlight With Kabir Ali

Nabiyah Saddique, from The Asian Today speaks to Kabir Ali, the 35-year-old retired cricketer whose goal in life is to give back to the game.


Describe yourself in three words.

Shy, honest and hard working.

How would your teammates describe you in the dressing room?

My teammates would describe me as an introvert and quiet. I’m the person they come to in a hard situation.

Which do you prefer? T-20, ODI or test cricket? And why?

T-20 because it’s more exciting. It’s a smaller form of cricket but that doesn’t mean it’s not hard. It’s actually harder than spending a day in the field. The tempo is very fast and it’s very exciting because you’re always in the game.

If there was one thing you could change about cricket, what would it be?

I’d make it a little more about bowling because at the moment it’s all about the batting. It’s suited around the batsman; I’d try and find a way where it’s a little bit more on the bowler’s side.

Who is your current favourite player?

Joe Root. Just the way he goes about his cricket, he plays all forms of cricket and he’s pretty good at them. It’s also not like he can only play at home conditions, he plays overseas very well too.

What motivates you to carry on working in the coaching profession?

I’ve been a part of the game for numerous years and now that I’m retired, I feel like I should be giving back to the community and back to the game too. I have 18 years experience in first-class cricket and it just seems right to give my knowledge to the youth. If I could inspire the next generation then that would make me very happy.

What’s next for Kabir Ali?

I’m enjoying coaching at the moment and doing voluntary work across the UK to give back to the game. At the same time, I’ve started my own family-based business where we sell affordable cricket equipment which is another way to give back to the community.


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