Let Our Kids Be Kids

Parents keep their children at home instead of sending them to school.


The campaign “Let Our Kids Be Kids” has persuaded parents to keep their children at home for a day of educational fun rather than sending them to school to prepare for tests.

Thousands of people have signed a petition supporting the boycott of SATS due to the overworking of children in schools.

Whilst some are saying, the school system places more importance on test results and league tables rather than the children’s joy of learning, others are of the opinion that schools cannot determine whether children are learning to read and write without the tests.

The Education Secretary cautioned that missing school even for a day is “harmful” and advised those behind the “damaging” campaign to review their actions.

In a speech on Saturday, she said: “To those who say we should let our children be creative, imaginative, and happy – of course I agree, both as a parent and as the Education Secretary.

“But I would ask them this: how creative can a child be if they struggle to understand the words on the page in front of them? They certainly can’t enjoy them.

However, the petition, endorsed by more than 40,000 people, added: “We want our kids to be kids again and enjoy learning for learning’s sake, not for Ofsted results or league table figures.”

This issue is constantly arising and no solution has been found for it.


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