Priyesh Dhoolab & Nasa Munir release ‘Saye’


Priyesh Dhoolab (composer) and Nasa Munir (vocals) have released a beautiful, soulful composition for Valentines 2016 with ‘Saye’. It’s about falling in love all over again.

Just a few months after their debut single (Mahi) reached “Track of the Week”, on BBC Asian Network, Birmingham talents; Music Composer and Producer, Priyesh Dhoolab and Vocalist, Nasa Munir have returned with their latest release; a melodious and enchanting offering.  The captivating lyrics of SAYE, which means ‘shadow’ have been written by Hasan Chaudry.

Two souls merge into one in this emotion filled melody based around the innocence of love; the purity and grace between a man and a woman who decide to spend their lives with each other. The simplicity of nature is captured alongside the epic orchestration of music, go hand in hand for this track, that will captivate the listener and put them a musical journey of unconditional love.

The single is now available to download on iTunes, Google Play, Spotify, Amazon and all other major online digital platforms.

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About Priyesh Dhoolab

Birmingham born, music composer and producer, Priyesh Dhoolab has a clear vision of taking UK to the rest of the world with his unique, spiritual sound. Mixing soothing and soulful melodies with an epic delivery, he’s hoping to create a huge impact on how the UK Asian music scene is perceived.

Priyesh has been inspired by music from the tender age of 2. He has a natural and special musical gift. Born into a musical family, Priyesh was often seen in the early 90’s jumping on stage as a toddler to accompany his uncle’s Live Bollywood band playing any instrument he could get his hands on!

Priyesh was a budding cricketer who was well on his way to a sporting career after representing Warwickshire County Cricket Club as a youth. However, during a transforming journey to India to his native region of Rajasthan, Priyesh undertook a spiritual pilgrimage in the mountains, where he realised music was his life’s purpose.

Priyesh more recently was approached by UK’s very own Bollywood sensation Jaz Dhami to accompany him during a live show on the piano.

Priyesh is versatile as an artist and performer and often plays at live chanting concerts. He has successfully performed at Kirtan events around UK known as “Rhythm of Universe”. Priyesh has used the power of music to bring a contemporary approach to help bridge the gap between young and old and their relationship with the divine. His ‘Rhythm of Universe’ kirtan events around the UK have provided a spiritual path to make seekers and expanded his own devotion to his faith. Priyesh discovered his own ‘paradise on earth’ on a recent trip performing live chanting in Mauritius.

Priyesh is topped for success as he has been head hunted for collaboration by a Bollywood Production company which will be releasing later this year. He is also working on the title soundtrack for an international movie which is currently being filmed.

About Nasa Munir

Born in the Punjab region of Pakistan, Nasa migrated with his family to Birmingham, UK at a very young age.  At the tender age of six, the dulcet tones of Mohammed Rafi Sahib rang in his ears and he began humming and singing around the house as if it was second nature. In the early years of school and college, he began to sing amongst friends and family which encouraged him to contemplate a singing career. At the same time he pursued his other passion of graphic design.

Nasa would regularly go and perform live at Mohammad Rafi tributes. In 2010, Nasa was heard singing in the office of his work place. His boss, a music lover was very impressed and put him in touch with Frantic Studio. With their experience in the music industry, they quickly signed him up with Creative Independent Management Team. 
 With the guidance of the management team, Nasa started to learn the principles of classical music with his teacher, Ustad Ansar Khalid, disciple of legendry Ustad Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan.

Nasa learned quickly given his zeal for classical music and continues to grow his musical talent. Nasa’s first professional studio recording was on 18th February 2011 as playback vocalist in the Hindi section of an English song called Rishi “CLUB SCENE”. 
He has also worked alongside the likes of Mehboob Chohan, Shin DCS, Jaz Dhami, Silinder Pardesi, Sati Saqi and Bollywood Pandits to add to his accolade. More recently, Nasa was selected by mentor Simon Duggal to perform live at Dub Qalandar, a fusion of traditional Qawwali music with Raggae performed at Birmingham Symphony Hall.

About 3rd Floor Studio

Nasa reunited with his old friend Priyesh to discuss a collaboration over a cup of tea where the musical journey started to show signs of something quite special. The pair decided to set up a studio to give them independent space to start making music as a hobby/passion.

In 2015 Priyesh and Nasa, ‘3rd Floor Studio’ was born on New Year’s Day. Priyesh began writing and producing original melodies with a nod to the serenity of devotional and classical music that was inspiring him.
Their first release, ‘Mahi’ was a very melodious and heart touching Punjabi composition which was picked up by BBC Asian Network as the ‘Track of the Week’ on the Saima Ajram show.

Through the songs that have been composed by Priyesh and vocalised by Nasa and other international artists it has become clear that a very different world sound is being created in the UK after some time.

They have formed a very strong core team of musicians, lyricists, engineers who work closely with Priyesh to fulfil the visions of each song he creates.

Lyricist, Hasan Chaudhry, who wrote the lyrics to Saye is a very talented songwriter based in New York. He approached Nasa and Priyesh after hearing their song Mahi which gave him a strong personal connection with the song when he first heard it. Inspired by the two unsigned artists, he was keen to collaborate. The trio has shown what power social media has in today’s world in bringing together like minded musical creatives; bringing us Saye their first collaboration.

The creative energy has been boosted as Video Director, Zafar Ahmed, joined the team at 3rd Floor to shoot the video for both of their singles Mahi and Saye.

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Track Release:    Tuesday 10th February 2016

Video Release:    Thursday 18th February 2016

Available on iTunes, Spotify Googleplay


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