The Perfect Contour


If you too have a penchant for the gorgeous Audrey Hepburn, you’ll know what I mean when I say I really do not need an attack of the “mean reds” to head over to my own reachable versions of Tiffany’s. En vogue, but at the same time proper and classic, make up counters and their little treasures uplift even the dreariest days! Unfortunately this usually means double and triple ups of many products. I couldn’t downsize and I refuse to try when it comes to cosmetics, because the epithet is precise, make up is fantastic as a feel good factor, albeit fleeting. Despite accumulating collections, it is handy to have a go to palette to meet your requirements swiftly, especially if you’re in a rush or travelling and I had been searching a while for something that would cater. I’m a self-confessed make up brand harlot. After professing transient loyalty, I am easily lured and jump ship at the merest hint of even pretty packaging and therefore ruthlessly dismissed many offerings until I found THIS!

The Smashbox Cosmetics #Shapematters Palette, which I am just loving right now, not least for the fact that it features a great selection of must haves under one lid. Here’s the hype! I am a huge fan of eyeshadows, I believe one can never have enough shades of taupe! This palette features a set of 9 award winning, hugely harmonised colours in both mattes and metallic. They are decadently pigmented and there is something for everyone. If you are a novice with eyeshadows, start here, it has everything you would need for a gorgeous starter kit, equipping you excellently for both daytime and sultry evening looks. Although the shades can’t be described as daring or massively varied, they are gorgeous in their own right, I’m particularly taken with Posh and Aubergine! While the eyeshadows apply beautifully, there is an element of fallout, but nothing that can’t be combated by picking up gently with your lovely, double ended eyeshadow brush that comes with the palette. Now, I love a bit of eyebrow enhancement and this palette features two of Smashbox’s bestselling Brow Tech powders in Taupe and Soft Brown. Whilst the Taupe is better suited to gentler hues, don’t be deceived by the light looking Soft Brown.

It provides buildable and rich colour for darker brows and is great for subtle shading. If you’re still discontent and need something darker, dip into Sumatra, a true and dense dark brown eyeshadow, for intense colour and definition. The palette also features a handy pan (with a clever little lid!) of the Smashbox Brow Tech Wax which helps to groom the brow as well as providing adhesion for the eyebrow powders. The trio of Taupe, Soft Brown and Sumatra with the wax equates to an enviable brow kit by anybody’s standards. A good contour collection for the face has the same effect as a perfectly fitting underwired bra: oomph! Sadly, if you wear either wrong, you won’t feel the benefits! This palette contains some really versatile and effective contouring tools.

You have a contour shade, a bronzer, highlighter and glow powder. It really depends on your personal preference with regard to contouring shades, I believe less is more for a subtle but well-crafted look. This palette creates the perfect shadows when applied correctly and the highlighter is really pronounced, a little goes a very long way. The glow powder is aptly named and gives instant radiance, suitable for under the brow area as well as cheeks. I really love this palette, it’s handy, it’s comprehensive and it’s a great example from a cult brand. If you’re new to the whole shebang, fancy a treat or are looking to downsize your make up bag without compromising on quality and choice, add this palette to your wish list.

The versatility is obliging, if there was a little pan of nude lipstick in it, I would arm myself with this compendium and my favourite mascara and be ready to rock! I find the brand is educating mere mortals by introducing technicalities in a fun and friendly fashion (check out their #Shapematters video on identifying your eye shape and discovering the best make up application techniques to flatter). Throw into the mix their interactive Get The Look Cards which come with the palette, together with online tips, this palette will take you safely into 2016 and, dare I say, way beyond.


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