Gruhme-d to Perfection


Spoil the best man in your life this Christmas with the new Gruhme fragrance

Gruhme is an exciting new men’s fragrance that meets all the criteria of a great Christmas gift.

Whether you’re buying for your trendy dad or your loving husband the Gruhme fragrance has been praised for its sophistication, simplicity and having an exquisite depth of flavours.

It has a woody accord with top notes of juniper berry, organic black peppercorn, bergamot, lemon and lavender and a key ingredient of petitgrain.

Petitgrain is believed by many to calm and soothe the mind, while relaxing the body, perfect for balancing hubby’s non-stop modern way of life.

Get the 100ml Original Fragrance for £35 or the Gruhme No.14 fragrance for £45 which has the same blend of fine ingredients but a stronger 14% concentration.

If you really want to spoil the best man in your life, then the ultimate shave kit is the gift to get!

Gruhme has embarked on the concept of ‘permanent packaging’ and so is crafted in the ultimate in endurance materials with the military-grade Peli case.

Not only does it have intense masculine looks, but its military capabilities also make it waterproof (deep enough for most of us anyway), able to automatically adjust internal air pressure at high and low altitudes and almost indestructible against everyday use (whilst still able to withstand just about every other use or mis-use too!)

The kit includes the Gruhme No.14 Fragrance 100ml Bottle and a Bolin Webb R1 Razor packed in a military grade Peli Case and is available for £189.99.

All Gruhme products are designed and made in the UK, free of animal testing and all known allergens.

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