London Fashion Week


British Pakistani designer creates western fashion with an eastern touch

I was invited to attend Omar Mansoor’s runway show at London Fashion Week. The British Pakistani designer not only inspires many British Asians in the fashion industry but also represents South Asians wonderfully in the prestige British fashion industry.

It was exciting as Omar Mansoor’s creates extraordinary practical western fashion with an eastern touch thus making him innovative and a success globally. And his new Russian Revolution collection featuring evening wear promised to be ideal for fusion fashion inspiration!

And the show didn’t let us down the fabric was simplistic yet the combination of design, tailoring and gold detailing l observed pieces of art grace the runway. It’s as if he takes you on his incredible design journey and we thank him for letting us into his world.

It was fashion with a touch of everyday elegance, a garment you can wear in the UK or Asia and that’s what l love about Omar Mansoor’s versatile creations. Only Omar Mansoor portrays fashion with a touch modern cultural fusion and British elegance marvelously.

There’s only one Omar Mansoor and we look forward to seeing more from him next season at London Fashion Week.

Photography Credits: Shahid Malik


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