5 Party Outfits for Fall


Eid and Diwali Outfit Ideas

Eid and Diwali is just around the corner, whether you are hunting for fabric to create your masterpiece outfit or searching to buy ready-made suits here are the five latest party trends you need to be wearing this fall.

Ankur & Priyanka Modi
You can’t miss the peplum blouse saree trend in India. If you don’t have a tailor, why not visit the great British high street and buy a peplum top you adore. Then buy nine yards of plain silk fabric that matches the top for the saree wrap. And just get a sewing machine or Mum to help sew the saree edges cleanly down.

Gul Ahmed

The good old cream and gold colour palette is classic for Asian garments. Why not try Gul Ahmed’s statement banarasi trousers with a midi chiffon kameez. Asian high street stores sell similar banarasi fabric and l’ve noticed some shops are starting to sell ready-made banarasi trousers too. And to give it extra dazzle add pleated flairs on one side of the reverse of the kameez.


Lakme Fashion Week designer, Nikasha combined western flavoured floral and tassels off the shoulder dress. Don’t be afraid to use pastel tones, floral fabrics and accessorise for party fever. You can always buy tassels from haberdashery outlets or worst-case scenario; you can always find tassel fringes in hundreds of colours online.

Payal Singhal

The bold and baggy shalwar is back. It’s a cross between MC Hammer pants and sports jogging bottoms. Once you have the brocade MC Hammer pants, pair it with a contrasting long peplum style kameez. Just remember the colours of the kameez do not need to match yet compliment each other. And to give it that Asian touch, add borders just like Payal Singhal.

Syeda Amera

It’s trending for another season, upcoming Pakistani designer, Syeda Amera showcased our favourite trend beautifully at Pakistan Fashion Week. The sequin beaded maxi fashion jacket is perfect for the elegant look for autumn and fall party wear. The main element of this party outfit is the sheer patterned topped with piping. For the Syeda Amera look just add a wider cut opening as the maxi jacket flows to the floor.



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